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Opinion of working mental health professional in Hong Kong

The first step to solving the problem is identification; however, there are many factors in a teenager’s life (e.g., early history, cognitive abilities, school functioning, and behavioral and social emotional functioning, etc.) that are constantly interacting with one another. For example, a sense of inadequacy, lack of locus of control, language barriers at school, and inadequate access to social support are all potential contributors to symptoms of depression and anxiety.

People cannot be defined by one single factor; therefore, it is not always easy for an individual to identify where a problem may stem from. Both adults and children can encounter such situations and fail to identify the source of their problems. Even parents, who oftentimes claim to understand their child best, may fail to realize that their child is experiencing a problem, let alone identify the source of the problem.

Participants are able to reap the unique benefits of therapy in multiple aspects. Many individuals benefit from therapy as it helps clarify thoughts and feelings and provide a platform to help discover one’s own interests. Not only can therapy reduce symptoms, it can also facilitate the development of self­-determination, self-­awareness, and self­-acceptance.

Not everyone likes to share their thoughts and feelings with others for fear of stigmatization. In addition, access to mental health assessments or therapy is limited and expensive. Therefore, one possible way to fight against such barriers to treatment is the use of a mobile app. A mobile app is not only available at no cost/low cost, it is also easily accessible and anonymous.



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