• Diarize Your Thoughts with diary fairy

    Your 'Fairy' best friend that is always ready to listen without judgement

  • Our vision

    Our mission is to combat the stigma surrounding mental health issues in Asia. We believe starting a conversation with the youth population and encouraging them to talk to friends and family will make a lasting impact.


    Always there to cheer you up

    The non judgemental fairy that is willing to listen about your worries at any time, providing helpful tips and insights about emotional management and happiness.


    To Solve Social Challenges

    By diarizing thoughts and ideas, youths can be more aware of their mental wellbeing and emotional state, learning to interpret situations in a more positive lens.

  • Our Solutions

    Available on IOS and Android

    Reimagine diary writing

    Mobile app that reinvents and gamifies the traditional handwritten format of “Diary”

    Smart AI chatbot

    Your chatty new friend

    To engage users with daily conversations and games while also implementing Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

    Discovering Personality insights

    Never-ending fun games

    Provide personality profiling and push new jokes and fun stuff, Providing actionable steps to seeking help

  • IBM Personality Insights Service

    Collect raw personality trait scores for each user by utilizing IBM PIS to generate linguistic analysis on the data collected by Fairy.


    Filter down the amount of stats and data points saved from this service so that it can be actionable.


    Unparalleled experience analyzing billions of Traditional Chinese conversations

    Fairy's AI Personality

    Studying the relationship between therapist and patient’s personalities, researchers have found that therapists with higher agreeableness, straightforwardness, altruism, openness, and openness to action are the most effective with their patients.


    Source: University of Maryland


    Fairy’s personality will be modeled for:


    • Interpersonal Skill, Verbal Fluency, Inter-personal perception,
    • Affective modulation and Expressiveness, 
    • Warmth and Acceptance, 
    • Empathy, Focus on others



    We put user privacy as our top priority and will apply global bank­-level security and compliance to the product. Our staff go through rigorous training to ensure the level of privacy our clients require.


    The setup of a Chatbot AI will enable the feeling of anonymity. Teenagers will be able to talk to the Chatbot without hesitation or feeling the need to censor themselves and therefore will be more receptive to the CBT treatment it will provide. Diary Fairy will build profiles of each user with a unique user ID that has no rea-l­life identifiers and show the different values of their personality traits though text­based analysis.


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    The first step to solving the problem is identification; however, there are many factors in a teenager’s life (e.g., early history, cognitive abilities, school functioning, and behavioral and social emotional functioning, etc.) that are constantly interacting with one another. For example, a...
    Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a psycho-social interventionthat aims to improve mental health. CBT focuses on challenging and changing unhelpful cognitive distortions (e.g. thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes) and behaviors, improving emotional regulation, and the development of personal...
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